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Army Medical Corps Establishment Day: 1st January

Army medical corps establishment day is celebrated on 1st January every year. 249 anniversaries have been celebrated of this establishment day. Army medical corps came into existence on 3rd of April 1943 as a homogenous corps of officers and men on the example of the royal medical corps but their history dates as back as to the Vedic period, where, physicians during the time of battle, used to stand behind the fighting men. Well versed physician in their fields used to live near the army camps so that they could treat the wounded soldiers as soon as they come. Well skilled physicians were used to held in high esteem by the king in those times.

Army is the land based branch of the armed forces. They not only help in securing the country from the external enemies but also help the countrymen during the time of calamities and natural mishaps. Soldiers risk their lives to protect us, therefore they need a medical team present at the time of battle with enemies. Army medical corps is a division of army that caters the needs of medical requirement of the army men. Army medical corps’ team not only attend the sick and wounded but also execute the equally significant task of avoiding disease and perform social hygiene on a great scale.

1st January 1764 was the first establishment day of Army medical corps. On that day medical officers who were serving in Bengal, were grouped into a regular medical establishment called the Bengal medical service. Similar organizations were set up in Mumbai (Bombay then) and Chennai (Madras then) in 1779 and 1769 respectively. These three medical services, in April 1886, united into one Indian Medical Service under a Surgeon General to the Government of India.

The services of Army medical Corps are aimed towards enhancing the battle efficiency of the soldiers and also increase their power of resistance towards several diseases. It concerns itself with every department of soldier’s life – the numerous conditions in which he lives or is expected to live, the physical tension or strain that he undergoes through and the outfits and gears that he uses.

Army medical corps is organized on the most highly developed lines and they thoroughly earned the name they deserve. Army’s hospitals are some of the best equipped in the country. All units up to a battalion level are provided with doctors who accompany them on active services.

No tribute can be enough for Army medical corps who remain behind the scenes but effectively help the army in their services.

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